My Story

From a young age I have been fascinated with alternative therapies which tap into the power of the mind and body. So as soon as I left school I went to college in 2003 to study holistic therapies which took 4 years to complete. I started practicing in a local clinic and then decided to move to the city life.


Like a lot of people my career steered away from my passion in life and I found myself working in the financial industry. I have since worked in the corporate environment for 11 years alongside my passion for holistic therapy and life coaching.

This balance has given me an understanding as to why my work is so important.


In 2012 I trained with Gaia Education in Ayurvedic therapies, which has now become one of my biggest interests and passions.

I went on to progress my career in coaching in 2014 with ILM and continue enhancing my professional career and spiritual practices every day.  


My Approach

Having experienced life in the corporate world I can understand the unhealthy habits and behaviours we can all fall into. Its hard not to live in fear when there can be so much pressure on us to perform. Life in general can also take its toll and things can happen that take us by surprise. We can often sacrifice ourselves for the ones we love and value others needs before our own. Money can sometimes be prioritised and spent on material needs such as a new phone or car but we sometimes forget to invest in ourselves.

So I do what I do because its important to keep yourself well, emotionally and physically.

Neglecting time for ourselves can sometimes lead to imbalances that can leave us feeling unwell. My passion is to leave you feeling well in yourself again and be a part of the overall wellbeing maintenance needed for a healthy lifestyle.